We are one of the biggest private medical institutions in Lithuania, and the country’s pioneer and leader in private medicine.

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center provides the widest range of health care services in Lithuania on a private basis – from disease prevention to accurate diagnostics, effective therapeutic or surgical treatment, and high-quality rehabilitation.

Our success in the sphere of treatment is based on accurate diagnosis, which is facilitated through extensive instrumental and laboratory examinations performed by the Center. We regularly invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment and modern technologies, we use medical supplies and pharmaceuticals from the world’s top manufacturers, and we apply the very latest treatment methods.

At the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center we ensure our patients’ safety, confidentiality of information, comfort and closest attention.

We have earned recognition both in Lithuania and abroad. Over 48 000 patients annually entrust their health with us. One in every ten of them is from abroad, from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and other West European countries. We also have many patients from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

We cooperate with over 200 different health care institutions in Lithuania, and we have agreements with all the major Lithuanian and international health and life insurance companies.

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