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2019 04 09
Bone, Joint, Ligament and Muscle Diseases
A unique joint cartilage restoration operation prevents many years in pain

Increasingly, people remain active longer. Unfortunately, according to the most recent statistics, as many as one third of them are overweight or obese, increasing the load on their joints. Our joint cartilage increasingly experiences constant strain and trauma; it is easy to damage, but complex to restore.

2018 09 12
Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures
Liposuction: an interesting secret about our bodies unveiled

To make history easier to understand, a certain background explanation is required. This discovery is from the field of human anatomy, i.e. science about the human body’s structure. Anatomy is divided into macro-anatomy (what can be seen with the naked eye) and microanatomy, where optical help is necessary.

2018 02 27
Eye diseases
How not to scare away the first kiss: the power of lasers

Two faces are slowly nearing each other, the lips are about to touch… and suddenly clink – the glasses are the first to “kiss”. The situation is not so rare, because every third adult has vision problems.

2018 02 10
Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures
Open your eyes: openly about lid operations

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, the most distinctive and expressive feature of the face. It’s not in vain that people want their eyes to sparkle and be nicely “framed”, emphasized by added lashes, colourful cosmetics, and a nicely drawn arch of the brows.

2017 05 18
Eye diseases
Returned vision changes life entirely

Anyone for whom spectacles are not a trendy accessory but a necessity must have thought on numerous occasions how great life would be to simply get rid of them. And that’s true. After looking at the world without glasses following a laser vision correction, it opens up in entirely new colours.

2017 04 10
Gastrointestinal Diseases
Painless surgery for haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids is a disease associated with social stigma. Sufferers often avoid seeing the doctor until the advanced stages of the condition. Prof. Narimantas Evaldas Samalavičius, head of the Coloproctology Centre at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre and President of the Lithuanian Society of Coloproctologists, introduces advanced haemorrhoids treatment methods that allow patients to lead a normal life.

2017 03 27
Gynaecological Diseases, Women’s Health
Today urinary incontinence is no longer a problem

„I was jumping on the trampoline with my child when I realized that there had been an accident,” Irena Kirilova, obstetric gynaecologist at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre shares her patient’s story with us.

2017 03 24
Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures
Men: aesthetics and the cult of youth

Men are rushing to beauty clinics! Wrinkle-smoothing injections and face contouring, liposuction, eyelid plastic and implants – members of the “stronger sex” want to be attractive and feel desirable too.

2016 08 18
Injuries, Joint Disorders
What dangers does a snapping shoulder blade warn of?

One or two snapping sounds from the shoulder blade rarely make us worry. But it’s quite another matter when we feel pain – then, snapping shoulder blade (scapula) syndrome requires treatment.

2016 04 28
Eye diseases
I delayed surgery for 10 years, I wish I hadn't - says the businesswoman

21 years – this is how long Gražina from Vilnius suffered from gradual worsening of her vision. She had been wearing glasses since she was 18 and was quite used to the associated inconveniences. However, when travelling home one evening she experienced a sudden deterioration, which prompted her to look for a solution.

2016 03 07
Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy
After sustaining a trauma, a swedish citizen chose treatment in lithuania

After sustaining a trauma in her home country, Swedish citizen and IT coordinator Ivi Soomagi was treated in Sweden but without sufficient attention from the rehabilitation specialists – just a few consultations by a physiotherapist and a booklet with recommended exercises. So, she decided to undergo rehabilitation in Vilnius while on her business trips. We talked to Ivi about the current state of her health, her treatment in Lithuania and her future plans.

2016 01 19
Vascular Diseases, Varicose Veins
Modern treatment for varicose veins: get up and go

„My legs feel tired” we say lying down on the couch after a working day. Symptoms like tired, achy, swollen legs and nocturnal leg cramps may be indicative of bigger problems. Even if the skin on the legs is smooth, the above could be the first signs of varicose veins.