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2015 10 19
Injuries, Joint Disorders
Finger pain and numbness – symptoms of serious diseases

The number of people complaining of finger numbness and pain that wakes them up at night and impedes their everyday tasks is increasing. But not everyone seeks medical assistance on time, even though it’s still possible to prevent the progression of the disease and serious complications.

2015 03 31
Eye diseases
From eye surgery straight to shooting practice

Mantas (26) purchased his first pair of spectacles soon after reaching adulthood. The last year of school is stressful for many pupils, but Mantas also had something else to worry about – his deteriorating eyesight. It has been eight years since Mantas put his glasses on.

2015 02 24
Vascular Diseases, Varicose Veins
I got up and walked out…on my own two feet after my varicose vein surgery

„It seems like it never happened, like there was no pain at night,” 52–year old businessman Daivas Remeikis can hardly contain his delight. He doesn’t even want to remember his heavy numb legs and the fear of having to give up his favourite sport of tennis eventually.

2014 03 19
Eye diseases
How do we stop depending on our glasses?

I only have two eyes, but I need three pairs of glasses. I use one pair for reading, the second one for working with documents and on the computer, and the third one I need for driving. Sometimes I leave a pair of glasses behind, and then the problems start.

2012 11 16
Gynaecological Diseases, Women’s Health
Uterine myoma. When is surgery required?

Uterine myoma is a benign growth of the uterus. Statistics show that it is most prevalent in 30-50 year-old women. However, sometimes large myomas can also be diagnosed in younger women aged between 25 and 30. They are linked to the activity of sex hormones.

2010 02 26
Eye diseases
Cataract surgery returned joy and colours to my life

People say that no one is too young to become ill. This proved to be right for Asta Jakuntavičienė, a 32-year old resident of Rokiškis. She says that since early childhood the word ‘cataract’ was used around her as much as the word ‘mum’.