Reklaitis Jonas chirurgas onkologas

Reklaitis Jonas

Surgeons (oncology)

Darbo laikas
II 2.00 p.m.-6.00 p.m.

since 1978

professional experience

12 000+

different mass removal procedures during the professional practice

80 000+

consultations through work placements

Dr Rėklaitis Provides consultations regarding oncological skin diseases. He carries out surgeries to remove tumorous skin growths.

He has improved his professional skills in Germany, Russia and Lithuania; he works at the National Cancer Institute;

Member of the Lithuanian Physicians' Union.


Patients about doctor

Z Pipiriene
A very pleasant doctor who examined me carefully and provided a detail consultation. I highly recommend him.
Z Pipiriene
A very pleasant doctor, who examined me very thoroughly and provided a detailed consultation. I highly recommend him.


1971-1977 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, acquired med. doctor's specialty.

1977-1978 Internship at Antakalnis University Clinic, Paediatric Surgery.

1978-1980 Plungė District Central Hospital, surgeon.

1981-1985 Lazdijai District Central Hospital, physician surgeon.

1986 Alytus District Central Hospital, surgeon.

As of 1987 Vilnius Oncology Centre, oncologist.

As of 1998 Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, Oncologist Surgeon.

Physician surgeon.

1979 Abdominal surgery, Vilnius University.

1982 General Surgery, Vilnius University.

1988 Oncology, Kharkiv (Russia).

2007 Oncosurgery, Santariškės Clinics (2 weeks).

2009 Laser treatment in dermatology, Jena (Germany) (2 days).

Member of the Medical Association.

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