Urbonas Vincas Onkologas

Assoc. prof., MD

Urbonas Vincas



  • lithuanian, russian, english
  • II 5.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.

since 1995

professional experience

50 000+

consultations through work placements

Dr Urbonas provides consultations on the selection and implementation of strategies and tactics for the treatment of oncological diseases, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

He gained his professional experience at Churchill Oxford University Hospital and Northampton and Kettering Hospital in the United Kingdom. He is the head of the Clinical Oncology Laboratory at the National Cancer Institute, and teaches students of the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University.

In 2013 he defended his doctoral dissertation in medical sciences at Vilnius University, in 2012 - his master's theses at the University of Manchester. He has prepared several dozen scientific articles and reports in Lithuanian and international scientific journals.

He is an active member of the Lithuanian and European Chemotherapeutic Societies, the European Society of Oncodermatologists and the Melanoma Group.


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In 2013 he defended his doctoral dissertation "Bactericemia and sepsis in children with tumours during an episode of febrile neutropenia" at Vilnius University.

In 2012 he defended his master's theses[SD1]  "Effect of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on human non-small cell lung cancer cell line A549" at the University of Manchester (UK) .

Lecturer at Vilnius University, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

2012-2017 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, oncologist-chemotherapist resident.

2008-2012 University of Manchester (UK), Master of Immunology / Immunogenetics.

2000-2002 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, residency of laboratory medicine physician.

1988-1995 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, specialty in healing medicine.


2018 - to date, UAB SK Impeks Medicinos diagnostikos centras, doctor oncologist chemotherapist.

2015-2016 Northampton and Kettering Hospital (UK), specialist oncologist chemotherapist (specialty doctor).

2017-2018 Churchill Oxford University Hospital, doctor oncologist chemotherapist-researcher (clinical research fellow).

2018 to date, National Cancer Institute, oncologist, chemotherapist and head of the Clinical Oncology Laboratory.

Physician oncologist chemotherapist's licenses (Republic of Lithuania and United Kingdom).

Dr Urbonas regularly improves his qualifications both in Lithuania and abroad.

2013-2014 Klaipeda University, lecturer.

2018 up to date, Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Clinic of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Oncology, docent.

Author of several dozen reports, scientific articles and theses on professional topics in Lithuanian and English.

Lithuanian Society of Chemotherapists.

European Society of Chemotherapists (ESMO).

European Society of Oncodermatologists (EADO).

Member of the Melanoma Group (EORTC).

Areas of interest - oncoimmunology, melanoma, early phase clinical studies.

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