Visit to oncologist’s office

Case history of the patient (anamnesis), examinations, discussion of test results, prescription of treatment, recommendations
General blood test (incl. taking of blood specimen): • Automatic blood test (erythrocytes, leukocytes, haemoglobin, hematocrit, platelets) • White blood cell differential • Reticulocytes • Blood sedimentation rate

This test provide information on all blood cells, their distribution by size. This information is important for evaluation of the overall heath conditions of the body. The test helps to determine many different acute and chronic diseases.
General urine test

Urine indices are determined, which enable to evaluate general condition of the body, function of urinary organs, metabolism disorders.
Mammography (X-ray examination of breasts; recommended for women 40 ) with mammograms or breast eshoscopy with echogramms (recommended for women under 40).

Breast cancer diagnostics, differential diagnostics of other breast diseases. This test helps to diagnose the following diseases: malignant and benign breast tumours, breast cysts, mastopathies, breast apostems, mastitis (breast inflammation).
Tests enable to diagnose breast diseases: cysts, mastopathy, tumours. Identification of changes in breasts, underarm lymph nodes.
Fine needle aspiration*

Taking pathological cells for testing from touchable and untouchable nodes found in breasts.
Cytopathological test of fine needle aspirate*

Diagnostics of tumours and precancer, identification of metastases and recidivations. Conclusion of cytopathological test based on subjective data of evaluation of cells and their groups. Tests are carried out by pathologists.
CA 15-3*

Breast cancer tumour marker in the blood.

Comments. All tests and medical procedures included in to health check - up program are not replaced with other tests or medical procedures. If part of test and medical procedures from the above mentioned health check program are not carried out, this would not lower the price of the coupon and would not be refunded.

*Carried out only in case if this test is prescribed by oncologists after primary visit.

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