Visit to ophthalmologist’s office (examinations, determination of sharpness of visibility)

Case history, examination, eidptometry, overview of test results, prescription of treatment, recommendations. Eye diseases (nearsightedness, long-sightedness, inflammation of the eyelid edge, inflammations of conjunctive membrane, eye dryness, fatigue syndrome, etc.)
Measurement of ocular pressure 

Glaucoma (increased ocular pressure)
Examination of fundus of the eye

Increase of arterial pressure, diabetes, etc.
Selection of glasses (in case of necessity)

Determination of acuity of vision, refraction
Visual field testing - perimetry

Glaucoma, damages of vision nerves and cerebrum (cerebral attack, traumas, cancer, etc.)

Comments. All tests and medical procedures included in to health check - up program are not replaced with other tests or medical procedures. If part of test and medical procedures from the above mentioned health check program are not carried out, this would not lower the price of the coupon and would not be refunded.

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