2018 09 17

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre has been granted an accreditation “Global Clinic Rating”

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Photo: the Centre's archives

A quality certificate “Global Clinic Rating” (Global rating of healthcare facilities, hereinafter – GCR) was granted to the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre (hereinafter – the Centre) in June, 2018, certifying that the Centre is among 100 clinics worldwide, evaluated as exceeding international standards.

The importance of the rating of medical institutions in the global world is constantly increasing, since more and more people seek to select medical facilities which are best suited to their needs; therefore, when it comes to dealing with more serious health problem or you have decided to take care of the beauty of your face and body, the medical institution next to your home is not always the best option. People are increasingly selecting medical tourism for the solution of their health problems or appearance issues.

GCR is the largest electronic database of medical institutions, including the data on over 430 thousands of clinics, GCR accredited clinics among them, from 126 countries. GCR platform is primarily intended for users of medical services, so that they would have an opportunity to get a transparent and objective information about medical facilities and their comparative assessment in accordance with the GCR rating provided on the platform.

GCR rating (from 1 to 5) is comprised of more than 25 criteria, assessing four main areas: the expertise of the institution and the physicians, used technology and medical equipment, additional services and patient feedback. Such formula allows drawing up a comprehensive assessment of a medical institution.

GCR accreditation or a quality certificate is an additional and the highest assessment standard. Professional GCR assessors of medical institutions consider granting of the international accreditation after the assessment of the quality of the services provided by a medical facility according the unified international GCR standard. Assessments are being carried out every two years; therefore, accredited institutions must constantly endeavour to maintain a high quality of services.    

Upon arrival to the Centre in the summer of 2018, the representatives of GCR assessed the activities of the departments of ophthalmology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, urology, cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology, paediatrics, neurology, dermatology, psychiatry and radiology. The attempts of the Centre to make the medical tourism as convenient as possible for the international patients have been taken into account as well. The Division of Medical Tourism established at the Centre specifically for them contributes to the optimal planning of all the visits to see the specialists, the preparation of necessary documents, and etc.

International GCR accreditation is a great honour to the Centre. It is a long-time work evaluation of all the employees – physicians, nurses, laboratory specialist and management. The reputation of the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre as a professional and reputable medical institution is already well-known in Lithuania. Allocation of a place among 100 of clinics evaluated by GCR as the best in the world will increase the popularity and trust in the community of international patients even more.

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