At our Centre, we provide consultations for the adults on planned / prescribed anti-cancer systemic treatment (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, target / biological therapy, hormone therapy), and provide recommendations for palliative treatment for cancer.

The most common diseases and ailments: all solid tumours.

Treatment: At our Centre, physicians usually diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment within 1 day.*

*In some cases, a final diagnosis requires an examination, which can take more than one day. Such cases will be reported to you by your doctor or the medical staff carrying out the examination.

Chemotherapy services and prices

Centre standard price Eur with a referral letter Centre For clients who are covered by compulsory health insurance
Regular price Regular For clients who are not covered by compulsory health insurance
Consultation of the doctor oncochemotologist
80.00 € 80.00 €
Consultation of the doctor oncochemotologist
89.00 € 89.00 €

What factors affect the price?

The prices indicated below apply to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
If you are coming from another country please check the price by telephoning or sending an email.

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