Ferritin is a protein that stores iron. The ferritin test is thus often called the iron storage test. It is one of the most important tests and the first to be done in order to catch anaemia early, if you constantly feel tired and the complete blood count does not show any deviation. If the patient delays, does not take preventative measures or does not receive appropriate treatment, the illness progresses and enters stage II, iron deficiency.

Ferritin levels point to the cause of anaemia:

  • increase in ferritin allows to suspect acute inflammation or chronic diseases: cancer, liver or rheumatic diseases, tuberculosis, and sideroblastic anaemia;
  • decrease in ferritin allows to suspect iron deficiency as being the cause of anaemia;
  • ferritin levels within the normal range indicate that anaemia is caused by a chronic disease.

Tests are usually prescribed by a family doctor, internist or haematologist, but if you feel you need a test, you can schedule it yourself without a referral.

You do not have to schedule an appointment in advance, you can simply check in at reception and request to be tested.

Ferritin test price

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Ferritin (FERRI)
21.00 €

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Good to know

Important to know

The amount of iron needed increases at particular periods in life: during puberty, rapid growth, for girls—when they start menstruating and during pregnancy. Iron needs are also higher in people who are actively working out and growing muscles.

Iron absorption is enhanced by vitamin C and hindered by fibre and milk, therefore, those who eat enough meat but consume a lot of milk are often found to have iron-deficiency anaemia.

Ferritin is an acute-phase protein, which makes the assessment of its levels complicated under particular health conditions (liver and oncological diseases). 

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