Kinesiotherapy in Vilnius

Kinesiotherapy is a movement therapy and one of the main methods of rehabilitation. It is centred around the idea that correct body movements help to renew, improve and maintain functionality of the musculoskeletal, vascular and other systems of the human body, and evoke its regenerative responses.

Movement therapy is delivered by kinesiotherapists and is beneficial to those who suffer from joint, spinal and back pain, it helps to regain or compensate for reduced mobility function, reduces post-surgery complication risk, maintains overall physical activity and helps to correct poor posture. Kinesiotherapy can also be used as part of complex obesity treatment and as a wonderful health promotion method. Kinesiotherapy exercises help to improve the function of the brain, aid relaxation, lift the mood, promote good sleep quality, alleviate migraine and anxiety symptoms.  

Kinesiotherapy is particularly beneficial during and after certain illnesses / trauma / surgeries, such as:

  • Hip replacement surgery;

  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • Bone fractures;
  • For people with pacemakers;
  • Torn meniscus;
  • Frozen shoulder;
  • After carpal tunnel surgery;
  • After stroke;
  • After knee join endoprosthesis;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Scoliosis;
  • Heart problems;
  • Autism or cerebral palsy.

The most important thing is a correctly prepared treatment plan, for which you will need to find an experienced kinesiotherapist. However, the success of the treatment does not solely depend on the methods that are being applied by the specialist, and the patient’s attitude and efforts along the way are equally important. Systematic kinesiotherapy sessions and the patient’s mindful approach to the entire treatment are of great significance as well.

In order to achieve maximum results both active and passive kinesiotherapy methods are used. The active kinesiotherapy methods require the person to increase their movements, i.e. exercise, to do balance training etc. The passive kinesiotherapy methods are massages, passive muscle stretching and joint mobilisation.  

The following kinesiotherapy services are offered in our Centre:

Consultation with a kinesiotherapist including preparation of the individual programme. During the consultation the kinesiotherapist performs objective and subjective examinations of the client’s health condition, assesses muscle and joint performance, posture, gait, establishes the possible cause of the problem or pain, and develops an individual programme for the patient (exercises for the patient to do at home so that the desired results are achieved faster) and recommends further action, including supervision.

Kinesiology taping

The method of kinesiology taping is used in sports medicine and rehabilitation. The target muscles are surrounded/reinforced with a special tape which promotes healing.


Movement in the water aids faster recovery of impaired body functions, improves movement flexibility and strengthens muscles. Exercises performed in the water help to relax the muscles.

Kinesiotherapy in the gym

Special therapeutic kinesiotherapy exercises can also be performed in the gym. This is a more active type of kinesiotherapy which consists of balance training, muscle strengthening etc. Exercises in the gym are performed using different types of equipment: poles, elastic belts, weights, balls, unstable surfaces etc. Having reviewed the patient’s objectives, health and physical ability level and the problems that have been established at the consultation, the kinesiotherapist selects and demonstrates the appropriate exercises to the patient, and teaches him or her how to do them in the correct way.

Kinesiotherapy during pregnancy

Exercising in the water for pregnant women is one of the safest and most effective health promotion measures. Due to the physical qualities of the water the body becomes lighter, muscle sprains are less frequent, and the load of the body weight is gentler on the joints. Exercising in the gym helps to strengthen muscles, reduces back and pelvic pain, stimulates circulation and helps to prepare for labour and delivery.

Kinesiotherapy for children

Our kinesiotherapists also develop special programmes for children and babies (babies with neurological conditions: Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, premature babies), and special therapeutic exercise programmes. Massages and other kinesiotherapy methods can be used for children and babies suffering from scoliosis, crooked feet and nervous system disorders. When used for young children, kinesiotherapy methods not only eliminate the health problem but also have a positive effect on their general mood: children become calmer, cry less, their metabolism and appetite increase.

We provide services for babies, children and adults. Kinesiotherapy gives good results when used on babies and children, as well as women during pregnancy and the post-natal period, as it helps to maintain positive physical and emotional wellbeing.

During the first individual session at the Rehabilitation and Sports Centre the kinesiotherapist will explain, demonstrate and teach the patient to do each exercise correctly. Exercises will only be effective if they are done correctly. When the patient’s posture and overall health start to improve, changes are introduced to their individual therapeutic exercise programme. Once the patient is confident that he or she is able to do the exercises correctly, they can choose either individual or group sessions to work on the programme that has been devised for them. Group sessions (for up to 3 persons) are currently only held in the pool.

Kinesiotherapy services prices

Regular price Regular For clients who are not covered by compulsory health insurance
Kinesitherapy for baby in the hall (up to 30min.)

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Baby swimming in the pool (up to 1 year old) in a group of up to 3 people (45 min.)

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Baby swimming in the pool (up to 1 year old) in a group of up to 3 people (45 min.) (5 times)

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Kinesitherapy in the pool (treadmill, bicycle, vertical bath) in a group of up to 3 people. (45 min.)

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Kinesitherapy in the pool (treadmill, bicycle, vertical bath) in a group of up to 3 people. (45 min.) (10 times)

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Kinesitherapy for baby in the hall (up to 30min.) 5 times

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Kinesitherapy for child in the hall up to 15 years (30 min.)

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Kinesitherapy for child in the hall up to 15 years (30 min.), 5 times

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Kinesitherapy for child in the hall up to 15 years, ( 30 min.), 10 times

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Kinesitherapy in the pool /vertical bath (45 min.) in a group of up to 3 per. 5 times

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Swimming for infant or child up to 3 years (for 5 times)

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What factors affect the price?

The prices indicated below apply to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
If you are coming from another country please check the price by telephoning or sending an email.

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I had great pain in the lower back and was becoming gradually more and more stiff. After 5 sessions with Dr Kacienas I was totally without pain. His treatment really changed the possibility to be active again. I am now going regularly to Dr Kacienas for preventention and am now totally without pain...
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