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About Januskeviciute Audra Neurologists
Hi, I’m very grateful to this doctor. Suddenly I felt poorly (due to my back pain), but I didn’t get help at Lazdynai Hospital, they didn’t even send me to the neurologist, although I asked if it was helpful. In a word, only when I contacted the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center did I receive help from Doctor Audra. Thank you very much! She performed all procedures on the same day, even gave me an injection that finally relieved the excruciating pain and prescribed the treatment that helped! She also referred me to the appropriate specialists to continue my rehabilitation. I wish there were more such empathetic doctors!

Anastasija Ivanova

About Januskeviciute Audra Neurologists
A very pleasant doctor. She explained everything in detail and prescribed treatment. I would like to thank the doctor for her sincerity and professionalism. I would also like to thank the nurse – a pleasant and helpful person, I was surprised and satisfied with how I was treated and with the interaction. My best regards to the doctor.

Violeta L