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Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Thanks to the doctor for her professionalism, help and pleasant communication. I enjoyed excellent results and recommend this doctor to everyone.

Danutė Naudžiūnienė

Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
The best feedback regarding Doctor Lolita Jotautienė and the SmartSurf eye laser surgery performed by her. My eyes are in excellent condition and I can see again. Thanks to the whole team.

Martyna Malinauskiene

Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I have loved basketball since childhood, like thousands of my Lithuanian compatriots. I enjoy not only watching it, but also playing it myself. However, running around the court with your eyesight of minus 8 dioptres is pretty tricky stuff. Even with specially adapted sports goggles, it’s a dubious pleasure.

Therefore, I have been thinking about laser eye correction for a long time. But I was afraid too. Will it be painful? Can it all go wrong? Now I realise that these worrying thoughts, although absolutely natural, were completely unnecessary. What's more, I regret losing quite a few years due to my hesitation.

After making up my mind to go ahead with the operation, I did extensive due diligence. I work in London, so I went to one of the private clinics in Harley St, as well as researching what’s on offer in my home country, Lithuania.

After weighing all pros and cons, I’ve decided to have a SmartSurf method surgery in Vilnius with Dr Lolita Jotautienė, an ophthalmologist microsurgeon at the Medical Diagnostic Centre.

Why? First of all, because the treatment, offered by Dr Jotautienė and her team is not only highly professional, but also very attentive and personalized.

At London clinic I’ve been to, I felt that I will be just a "conveyor belt patient". In Vilnius, with Dr Jotautienė, the consultation time was much longer, the tests were more exhaustive and her explanations were much more detailed. There was no rush and no pressure to sign on the dotted line.

Obviously, quality / price ratio was also an important factor. Of course, it was in favor of Vilnius MDC clinic. Even with the inclusion of a few additional return flights to Vilnius and back to the UK for postoperative consultation, the cost is extremely attractive. In my case, the British clinic did not even perform the procedure of “SmartSurf” method, which does not leave any scar on the eyes. Harley St clinic has only offered me a slightly older Lasik procedure, which is also performed in Vilnius , and is cheaper than SmartSurf.

In my case, the operation itself was completely painless and took only several minutes. It’s true though, that the healing process after the SmartSurf procedure takes several months, during which, in my case, four types of eyes drops are required.

I am grateful to Dr Jotautienė and her team for giving me a beautiful opportunity to “slam dunk” my multiple pairs glasses in the bin after 40 years of wearing them. I can enjoy the vibrant colors of nature, I don’t need to worry anymore about my glasses getting wet in London rain. And I am so happy to rediscover the fun playing basketball.

Vytas Rudavičius, Foreign Correspondent, SmartSurf Laser Eye Surgery Patient

Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I would like first to thank you Lolita Jotautiene, with all my heart for the success of this laser operation, it has been more than 24 years since I was wearing glasses for problems of myopia/high degree of astigmatism and this disease seemed to get worse every year. I can assure you that since the laser operation it is another life that is offered to me. I never thought that one day I could see without wearing glasses. My joy was even greater when I realised that all this operation was successful without any pain even afterwards. My vision is improving day by day and I thank you a lot for it. Finally I can see perfect

Abdramane Sow

Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I would like to thank Dr. Lolita Jotautienė and all the staff members for the wonderful work they have done, also for their warmth and kind words, genuine attention and care during and following the whole procedure.
I had been thinking about having a laser vision correction procedure for quite a while. I could not wear contact lenses because they would cause me dry eyes, putting them in would also be tiresome, and my eyeglasses would constantly cause me difficulties, both while exercising or relaxing and in my daily activities (they would fog, get scratched, etc.). Besides, because of astigmatism, my vision was never as sharp as I wanted it to be, even with my glasses on. I would also have a hard time finding the right eyeglass frames, the thinner ones would break fast, and their lenses would quickly become damaged.
Several years ago, when I had just started taking interest in laser correction, I would very often get intimidated by the idea of potential complications of the procedure (dry eyes, night vision problems, etc.). I was therefore selecting the clinic for my surgery very carefully. When I recently heard about a new laser used at the MDTC, which reduces the risk of the said complications to the minimum, I decided I would no longer procrastinate, and picked this specific clinic without thinking twice. I also felt comfortable about this clinic because of its reputation, and the wonderful feedback and comments both on the clinic and the competence and credibility of the doctors.
In my case, the correction procedure was performed using LASIK technique (it is used for the majority of the patients undergoing the vision correction procedure at this clinic). I was initially worried about the complications from the LASIK procedure, and I thought I would rather prefer LASEK, but the doctor explained to me that the cutting line produced by the modern laser that they were using at this clinic for LASIK surgery was much thinner, and that it was better for cornea. Besides, when shaping the patch, the surgeon takes into account the maximum width of the pupil in the dark, which is what eliminates the risk of night vision problems. And, indeed, starting the next day after the surgery, my day vision was constantly improving (although during the first few days my vision would quickly become blurred when my eyes would get tired) and I could see perfectly even in the dusk.
The procedure itself was not as terrible as I thought it would be, although fitting in eyelid expanders was not very comfortable (the doctor explained to me that my eyes were located deeper in the eye socket and that my eyelids were not very wide). Nevertheless, I felt much calmer thanks to the staff members who were very confident and did everything to make me feel comfortable, and explained to me every step that they were taking.
Although it has been more than a week after the surgery, I can’t stop rejoicing over having perfect vision (now I can see much clearer, as compared to wearing eyeglasses). Although sometimes at the end of the day, when my eyes are tired, my vision still becomes a bit blurred, and I have a hard time focusing on small details, when the morning comes, I can see perfectly again. Now I think to myself that I could have given up the eyeglass and started enjoying my perfect vision a much longer time ago. And I can finally wear sunglasses!


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I recommend laser vision correction to everyone who is tired of constantly looking around for their eyeglasses. Sincere thanks for my excellent vision go to doctor Lolita Jotautienė who performed the surgery on my eyes. I decided to get the laser vision correction procedure because of the everyday discomfort of having to put my eyeglasses on in taking basically every routine action, e.g. when talking to a person standing in a relatively short distance from me, when driving a car, watching a film at a cinema, when exercising, etc. The nature of my job, i.e. working on the computer and communicating with people at the same time, would require that I regularly put on and take off my eyeglasses. Over the 15 years of wearing eyeglasses, I did not manage to get used to eating with my eyeglasses on: I would always take them off, except for formal occasions when I would feel uncomfortable talking to people with blurred faces. Why did I choose Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre? Eyes are one of the key sense-organs. One could hardly realise one’s life without being able to see, thus, when it comes to such serious health issues, I choose one of the most reliable healthcare centres in Lithuania, the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre. Prices and their potential differences, as compared to the healthcare establishments providing their services at a lower cost, was not my priority because I was looking for the best specialists in their respective fields of expertise and for the assurance that the procedure will be successful and will not lead to any complications. I was worried about the “eye surgery”: the widely used reference name to this procedure was causing my major concerns as I mistakenly associated it with something that was complicated, dangerous, required pre- and post-preparation and long-term treatment, also might lead to incapacity to work, etc. What if the procedure is unsuccessful? What about my eyes? In my opinion, this “surgery” should rather be referred to as a procedure for restoring vision, because it takes little time to perform it, it is effective and painless; right from the first visit at the centre, specialists take great care of you and provide answers to every question and concern. This would both incite fewer negative associations and encourage people to invest in their excellent vision without causing any lengthy hesitation and anxiety.


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I would like to thank, most sincerely, doctor Lolita Jotautienė who operated on me. What are my impressions following laser vision correction? First of all, after the surgery the quality of life improves greatly, you start seeing more details around you. And if you are a woman, you also have a possibility to highlight what is the most beautiful – your eyes, which sometimes are not visible behind the eyeglasses :-) Today, I have only one question: Where was I before… I am sorry that I had lived in the mist for such a long time. From the very first meeting, I have trusted doctor L. Jotautienė very much and have never doubted for a moment that she and only she will operate on me. Once again, I want to express deep gratitude to the doctor and wish her every success!


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Why did I want surgery? I was sick and tired of eyeglasses. I had been wearing them for the whole 20 years. I chose the surgery in the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, because I trust this clinic and the doctors working here. And I have not been disappointed! I wish to thank the doctor which operated on me, Lolita Jotautienė. How wonderful it is to see well!!!


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I had poor eyesight since my teenage years, however, at work I needed to see well into the distance, therefore, I decided to address a clinic for a consultation regarding a possibility of laser vision correction. I was worried that such surgery might not be possible due to my age. I would like to thank doctor L. Jotautienė, who operated on me and counselled me, for excellent vision into the distance. I chose the clinic and the surgeon upon my friend’s recommendation. I did not find the surgery and a post-surgery period scary at all. Right after the surgery, my eyesight was better than before the surgery. And now I see everything 100 percent.


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I had to wear eyeglasses for more than 30 years. It was very inconvenient – in winter, their lenses would “fog up”, while in summer, I was not able to wear sunglasses. I chose surgery in the Centre because of the doctor Lolita Jotautienė. Thanks to her, I have excellent eyesight. Already on the day of the surgery, in the evening, I could see brightly. The surgery was not painful at all. I was very nervous so as not to divert my glance from the small green lamp... My expectations have been met with abundance. It is a true miracle to see everything so clearly!


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
My vision has been poor for 15 years. I finally boiled over and it prompted me to determine for laser vision correction was being late on the plane, because I could not read the billboard at the airport. I am immensely grateful to doctor Lolita Jotautienė who did my surgery. This doctor is an expert of her job. Already on the second day after LASIK I saw perfectly. The operation is completely painless. It met my expectations by more than 100%. Now I see even better than my wife who has a great vision from birth.


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Since high school I used to wear glasses or contact lenses. I always dreamed to wake up one day and see everything clearly, instead of wearing glasses. Thanks’ to doctor L. Jotautienė and all staff of Medical diagnostic and treatment center for making my dream come true. I chose the clinic by the recommendations of my relative. She had her laser correction here and is very happy about the result. You cannot save on your eyes, therefore, I chose quality. The operation was very short, it did not hurt, just was unpleasant. The postoperative period was also unpleasant. However, after just a few hours all discomfort simply disappeared. The next morning I woke up with new eyes. Really, I am very happy. My vision is excellent, there is no discomfort.


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I always dreamed to see the world the way healthy people do, and stop looking for glasses when I wake up. I am very grateful to Lolita Jotautienė who did my surgery, and the operating theatre staff. Before choosing the doctor and the clinic where for my surgery, I spent a few days at computer and did my homework. Then I made up my mind without hesitation. It was the clinic and the doctor who inspired confidence. The surgery is uncomfortable (especially the insertion of the eyelid holder), but for the result I have now (excellent vision) it is really worth to suffer. Everything is great!


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Tired of glasses and of living with them... They break, get crooked, thick glasses fall from the nose... Thank you doctor Lolita Jotautienė for my surgery! Friends' recommendations: “Go straight to Medical diagnostic and treatment center, nowhere else!” – proved to work. The operation and the post-operative period was simple. The thorough explanation of the doctor prior to the operation about its course helped to prepare my stamina for the surgery. I clearly knew what I have to do. I imagined it will be worse... But everything was very quick and pain-free. It was just difficult to open my eyes for a few hours after the surgery. Now I feel great, I am one hundred percent satisfied with my vision after surgery and recommend edical diagnostic and treatment center to others.


Jotautiene Lolita Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Laser vision correction has exceeded my expectations! I want to thank to all the staff and doctor Lolita Jotautienė for excellent service and great vision. I decided to go for a surgery because of my job which requires good vision – I am a sailor. I also like active lifestyle, therefore, glasses and contact lenses was an obstacle to me. I chose the clinic and the doctor according to personal recommendations. The surgery is not scary and very fast. Immediately after the surgery my vision was already good enough. In a few hours after the surgery, the mist in the eyes began to dissipate. Now I see 100%! No discomfort.