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Prof. MD Mameniskiene Ruta Neurologist
The disease found me unexpectedly and was difficult to cure. A few years ago, I had problems with my memory and then I lost consciousness. We knew there were wonderful doctors in Lithuania and looked for help. One of these doctors was the neurologist, Professor Rūta Mameniškienė, MD. She personally selected the treatment methodology for me and reassured me that my memory would return and that my epilepsy would be controlled by medicines. I can rejoice now as my memory came back and I have not had any epileptic seizures for over five years. I would like to thank Professor Mameniškienė for her professionalism, dedication to her profession and wish her good health and further share her experience. I would like to thank the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center for the professionalism of its doctors. The doctors of this Center have performed several surgeries and treated other diseases. Laimutis Regelskis, Vilnius.

Laimutis Regelskis, Vilnius