Lolita Jotautiene Oftalmologe

Jotautiene Lolita

Ophthalmologists (eye diseases)


  • lithuanian, english, russian
  • on the second Monday of the month 3.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.

since 2000

in medical practice

9 000+

eye surgeries during her medical career

Lolita Jotautienė specialises in nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism correction with all laser surgery methods.

She also performs eyelid plastic surgeries.

Dr Jotautienė regularly updates her expertise in refractive and cataract surgery at conferences and professional development courses across Europe (Italy, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, etc.).


Patients about doctor

Danutė Naudžiūnienė
Thanks to the doctor for her professionalism, help and pleasant communication. I enjoyed excellent results and recommend this doctor to everyone.
Martyna Malinauskiene
The best feedback regarding Doctor Lolita Jotautienė and the SmartSurf eye laser surgery performed by her. My eyes are in excellent condition and I can see again. Thanks to the whole team.
Vytas Rudavičius, Foreign Correspondent, SmartSurf Laser Eye Surgery Patient
I have loved basketball since childhood, like thousands of my Lithuanian compatriots. I enjoy not only watching it, but also playing it myself. However, running around the court with your eyesight of minus 8 dioptres is pretty tricky stuff. Even with specially adapted sports goggles, it’s a...
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Abdramane Sow
I would like first to thank you Lolita Jotautiene, with all my heart for the success of this laser operation, it has been more than 24 years since I was wearing glasses for problems of myopia/high degree of astigmatism and this disease seemed to get worse every year. I can assure you that since the...
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I would like to thank Dr. Lolita Jotautienė and all the staff members for the wonderful work they have done, also for their warmth and kind words, genuine attention and care during and following the whole procedure.
I had been thinking about having a laser vision correction procedure for quite a...
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I recommend laser vision correction to everyone who is tired of constantly looking around for their eyeglasses. Sincere thanks for my excellent vision go to doctor Lolita Jotautienė who performed the surgery on my eyes. I decided to get the laser vision correction procedure because of the everyday...
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I would like to thank, most sincerely, doctor Lolita Jotautienė who operated on me. What are my impressions following laser vision correction? First of all, after the surgery the quality of life improves greatly, you start seeing more details around you. And if you are a woman, you also have a...
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Why did I want surgery? I was sick and tired of eyeglasses. I had been wearing them for the whole 20 years. I chose the surgery in the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, because I trust this clinic and the doctors working here. And I have not been disappointed! I wish to thank the doctor...
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I had poor eyesight since my teenage years, however, at work I needed to see well into the distance, therefore, I decided to address a clinic for a consultation regarding a possibility of laser vision correction. I was worried that such surgery might not be possible due to my age. I would like to...
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I had to wear eyeglasses for more than 30 years. It was very inconvenient – in winter, their lenses would “fog up”, while in summer, I was not able to wear sunglasses. I chose surgery in the Centre because of the doctor Lolita Jotautienė. Thanks to her, I have excellent eyesight. Already on the day...
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My vision has been poor for 15 years. I finally boiled over and it prompted me to determine for laser vision correction was being late on the plane, because I could not read the billboard at the airport. I am immensely grateful to doctor Lolita Jotautienė who did my surgery. This doctor is an...
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Since high school I used to wear glasses or contact lenses. I always dreamed to wake up one day and see everything clearly, instead of wearing glasses. Thanks’ to doctor L. Jotautienė and all staff of Medical diagnostic and treatment center for making my dream come true. I chose the clinic by the...
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I always dreamed to see the world the way healthy people do, and stop looking for glasses when I wake up. I am very grateful to Lolita Jotautienė who did my surgery, and the operating theatre staff. Before choosing the doctor and the clinic where for my surgery, I spent a few days at computer and...
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Tired of glasses and of living with them... They break, get crooked, thick glasses fall from the nose... Thank you doctor Lolita Jotautienė for my surgery! Friends' recommendations: “Go straight to Medical diagnostic and treatment center, nowhere else!” – proved to work. The operation and the...
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Laser vision correction has exceeded my expectations! I want to thank to all the staff and doctor Lolita Jotautienė for excellent service and great vision. I decided to go for a surgery because of my job which requires good vision – I am a sailor. I also like active lifestyle, therefore, glasses...
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It is so good to see well! I am very happy and grateful to doctor Lolita Jotautienė. I want to reassure everyone who is scared of this surgery. Now I know that my own fear and determination to delay the surgery was futile. I was procrastinating because of being so afraid. I was digging information...
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I am grateful for my excellent vision to doctor Jotautienė who performed my surgery. The operation was not a big deal. Inconvenient would be a better world. The eyelid expander was particularly uncomfortable. There was no pain during the surgery. After surgery, I felt pain just in the first hours...
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Would I recommend this clinic and doctor Lolita Jotautienė who operated me? Certainly YES. I am a physician: I work constantly under the microscope, therefore, good vision is very important to me and I need it. I knew my eye problem: significant astigmatism, and I wanted to solve it. I believe in...
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Over 15 years, glasses have become a habit, an integral part of my daily routine, however, they were very uncomfortable. I am grateful to doctor Lolita Jotautiene before my surgery, and to the theatre personnel. I am absolutely happy with the LASIK surgery result! The surgery was very short, I even...
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For several years I have been thinking about laser correction, because I had astigmatism and nearsightedness. Spectacles would not correct my vision completely and they were uncomfortable in the pool or playing basketball. I never liked contact lenses... I chose the clinic because of the known name...
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After LASIK surgery I feel great! The surgery fully met my expectations. I am grateful to doctor Lolita Jotautiene. I was not in two experiments when choosing a clinic where I could undergo surgery. I wanted a reliable clinic, a reliable laser, a credible surgeon, and reliable results – great...
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I wanted to give away my myopia and astigmatism. I chose the clinic because of a good impression of my friends and comments after the LASIK surgery. I was afraid of the operation, but I felt safe in the operating room. There was no pain – my fears disappeared. The operation lasted only a few...
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My vision was bad for many years, but I did not want to wear glasses... It was difficult to drive a car, I did not see the screen during conferences. Following the word of mouth, I went to doctor from MDGC L. Jotautiene to consult about laser correction. I was very happy to learn that I can have...
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Medical Faculty, Vilnius University, 1992–1999, acquired qualification of physician.

Vilnius University, Primary Residency in Medicine, 1999–2000, acquired qualification of  medical doctor.

Medical Faculty, Vilnius University, Secondary Residency in Ophtalmology,  2000–2003, acquired qualification of  ophtalmologist.

Continual medical education at the European conferences of refractive and catarct surgery.

Experience in ophtalmology since 2000, more than several thousand successful laser vision correction surgeries.

Performs the following surgery:  LASIK, LASEK, FRK, TransFRK, cornea reinforcement by cross-linking method and eylid plastic surgery.

Continual medical education at the European conferences of refractive and catarct surgery, conferences and meetings of Lithuanian Society of ophtalmologists and Vilnius Region Society of ophtalmologists.

ESCRS (European Society of Catract and Refractive Surgeons) course of refractive surgery, 2015. Barcelona, Spain.

ESCRS course of refractive surgery by LASIK method, 2014. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

ESCRS course of refractive surgery and cornea treatment by Cross-lining method, 2013. Milan, Italy.

The 2nd Baltic Conference for Viteoretinal Diseases, 2005. Latvia.

103 DOG Congress, 2005. Berlin, Germany.

The 6th International Symposium on Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2006. Berlin, Germany.

Course „Selective Issues in Ophthalmology“, 2007. Clinic of Otorhinolaryngology, Medical Faculty, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Study visit „Cornea Pathology“, 2008. Rome, Italy.

Course „Catract Surgery“, 2009. Uppsala, Sweden.

Course „Catract Surgery“, 2009. Kaunas, Lithuania.

A member of European Society of Catract and Refractive Surgeons.

A member of Lithuanian Society of Ophtalmologists and Vilnius Region Society of Ophtalmologists.

Painting and interior design, photography, tango, acting. 

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