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about Stech Simona
Justinas Simanskis
Thank you for your care and professional work that helped us see better! We wish you all strength in your professional field.
about Stech Simona
Thank you so much for your help and sincere care!
about Stech Simona
A very sincere and caring doctor.
about Stech Simona
Kornelija P.
Simona treats several generations of our family. The doctor is always professional, answers all questions, and is very pleasant. I always trust her opinion. A big thank you!
about Stech Simona
Lina Valatkaite
A very professional and caring person. The best reviews to her.
about Stech Simona
Ieva Sruogaite
I visited this doctor during my pregnancy, she is especially attentive and gentle. When my child had dacryocystitis, there was not even a question of where to turn. The doctor taught and explained in detail how to behave and how to massage. Only the best reviews of this amazing doctor.
about Ruzgute Viktorija
Arnoldas J
During the first consultation with physiotherapist Viktorija, we set ourselves the goal that I would like to achieve at the end of the procedures. I’m happy to say that we managed to implement it successfully. Thanks for your professional help and attentive communication.
about Rimas Darijus
Ricardas Buzinskas
Hi. I wish to thank my doctor Rimas for performing knee surgery on 10 August 2020. The doctor is very professional and I wish him success and good health in his work. I would also like to thank the nursing personnel for pleasant communication and good care. Good luck to you in the future.
Nijolė Bujauskienė
I’m extremely grateful to the doctor for diagnosing the disease accurately and quickly and prescribing treatment, I will definitely recommend the doctor to those who need such services. Efficient and competent.
about Assoc. prof., MD Alisauskas Jonas
Vilma Gudaitė
Many thanks to Doctor Jonas Ališauskas for professional surgery – removal of a large myoma. Other healthcare institutions suggested hysterectomy, whereas Doctor Ališauskas removed only myoma and the uterus was saved. This doctor is the God-light soul, very pleasant communicator and I recommend his services.
about MD Rocka Saulius
Saulius Žilinskas
Many thanks to Professor Saulius Ročka for urgent and professional advice at critical time. I wish you happiness and good health in helping people.
about Trinkauskas Paulius
Daiva Važnevičienė
I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to Dr. P. Trinkauskas. Thank you for your sincerity, professionalism, and, most importantly, for the expeditious and qualified decisions that saved my father’s life. I remain forever grateful! Kind regards, D.V
about MD Radziunas Gintautas
Gerardas Žalėnas
Many thanks to Doctor Gintautas Radžiūnas, M.D. and his team (Doctor R. Mačiulytė and Nurse Gražina) for professionally performed colonoscopy. I can evaluate their work with one word – “HARMONIOUS”. Kind regards, Gerardas Žalėnas
about Skruodyte Justina
On 10 September, Doctor Justina Skruodytė performed surgery for stye, explained everything, was very patient, extremely pleasant and did her job very well. I had a question three weeks after the surgery, so I wrote a private message. Although, to be honest, I really did not expect an answer, the doctor replied and explained. What a miracle to have such good doctors!!! I’m very grateful and sending wishes to the doctor from Tauragė.
about Skruodyte Justina
Daiva Juškienė
A wonderful doctor, a professional, who explains everything very thoroughly and clearly, very sincere, a good communicator, patient, the doctor who understands stressed patients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!