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About Piesina Eugenijus Orthopaedic traumatologists
I sincerely thank Doctor Eugenijus Piešina for his accurate diagnosis, treatment and warmth. He is really a professional in this area. In my situation (frozen shoulder), after three months of insomnia, my life changed thanks to him. Three months have passed after three epidural nerve blocks and I don’t feel any pain. Of course I very much hope that the pain will not come back and if that happens, I would be visiting Doctor Eugenijus again. With the greatest respect, I wish the doctor unfading energy, strength, health and success in his work. I also thank the Diagnostic Center for their professionalism, paying particular attention as soon as you open the door of the Center – from the cloakroom to the doctor. I was very surprised with how you warmly you communicate with patients, not looking down on them. Best of luck in your work, strength and health to your team. Respectfully, Ramutė Kizalavičienė

Ramutė Kizalavičienė

About Piesina Eugenijus Orthopaedic traumatologists
Excellent doctor. Operated on my shoulder after dislocation. Thank you, doctor!