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MD Rudalevicius Paulius Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I went to the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center for cataract treatment. During my research and preparation, I found that cataract surgery at the Centre is not only cheaper but would likely meet all my needs. The first impression about the center was created in the early stages during which all my emails were promptly responded to professionally. I was not disappointed when I visited the center for the surgery. I had cataract surgery on both eyes, one on 28/02/18 and the other on 01/03/18. All my needs were met beyond my expectations. The staff were exceptionally friendly, from those at the reception to the Ophthalmologist. I give the center the highest point of 10 on the rating scale. The rating is based on the treatment and care that I received during my visit. Dr P Rudalevicius was very friendly, professional and caring. I strongly recommend the center to anyone considering a medical procedure. Jolly


Jolly Idelegbagbon

MD Rudalevicius Paulius Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
MY sincere THANKS TO Paulius Rudalevičius for a Christmas miracle – my cured eyes!!!! Now I need only sunglasses and no other glasses.

Jurga Anusauskienė

MD Rudalevicius Paulius Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Also just want to say thanks to dr. P.Rudalevicius so much for taking so much care of me during my time in Vilnius. I was made to feel extremely comfortable and the fact that everybody spoke English also helped. I’d highly recommend your services to any foreigner consider flying over just for the surgery. Only small suggestion would be to have the prescription ready without the need of having to go into the pharmacy straight after the surgery and also for the payment to be taken before as it was a bit difficult to see but besides that, no complaints and everything was done to top quality service.

Ken Styles , UK

MD Rudalevicius Paulius Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Got an appointment with Dr.Rudalevicius Paulius. At first I was really nervous to get a surgical procedure(lens replacement surgery)but doctor made me feel like I am in good hands and this helped with my anxiety. The operation was quick and I did not feel a thing.Now my vision is perfect.I recommend Dr. Rudalevicius and the clinic to everyone.

Tatiana Peters

MD Rudalevicius Paulius Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
First, while I was planning my trip to the Baltics, the wonderful staff at the Center provided me with all the information I needed and bend over backwards to make it possible for me to fit a Yag capsulotomy procedure before my biking tour began.

In the clinic, the administrative and nursing staff were very solicitous, making sure everything went smoothly. Doctor Rudalevicius, communicating in fluent English, performed an exam, then the procedure. An eye drop prescription picked at the Center's pharmacy, a quick follow-up appointment the next afternoon, and I was good to go, vision significantly improved (and at a fraction of the cost I would have incurred at home in the USA, the difference offsetting the airfare part of my Baltic vacation.)

Whether you are coming to Vilnius for some other reason already, or are contemplating medical tourism, the Center should definitely be part of your consideration. And if your eyes are in need of care, I doubt that you would find a better place.

Boris Gendelev

MD Rudalevicius Paulius Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
My lasik eye surgery was sooo easy with MD Paulius Rudalevicius. For those who are in doubt - do not hesitate. You will receive extensive pre and post op testing and undivided attention. The doctor is very informative, thorough and efficient. It was quick and painless including the price! My money well spent considering back home (USA) it would've cost me almost 5 times more. I did not have any down time, 6 hours later I was dinning out in a restaurant with my new eagle vision

Jurgita Budaite